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Mana Balls - Lali, Miki, Cablu

The Legends were right!

When a menacing Shadow descends upon the world of the Three Lands, the Mana, vital principle of all things, starts to scatter. Overwhelmed, the council of Sages cannot do anything but rely on the Prophecy and go looking for the bearer of the mysterious Locket of Mana. Here start the adventures of Miki, peaceful little boy from the Forest, who will, to his great surprise, be involved in the destiny of this world.


  • Brand new « Bounce & Catch » gameplay
  • Tens of Mana balls and special abilities to discover
  • Card based power-up system
  • Combo Mode exclusive rewards
  • More than 150 challenging levels and mischievous bosses
  • and many friends to meet along the road!
Mana Balls - Cablu, Monster, Ogg

Miki is friendly but his quest is tough!

Get ready for a great Adventure!