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Mana Balls

I can’t beat level 2! It’s a bug, right?

It isn’t! The game is rather challenging by design!
The path to victory goes through many defeats in Mana Balls!
Don’t worry, after beating some levels you’ll be able to look back at the progress you made!

As set in the game’s pitch:
Miki is friendly but his quest is tough!
Get ready for a great adventure!

The game is too easy! Make it harder please!

We know that some players crave for always more challenge!
For them, we plan to implement more competitive new features in the future.
Stay tuned!

Is the game free to play?

Yes it is.
The game though includes optional Rewarded Video Ads and In App Purchases.

Can I play offline?

Yes you can.
The data about your game progression is stored locally on your device so you won’t need internet connexion to play Mana Balls.
Be aware that, as a consequence, we won’t be able to restore your game data to a different device.
Of course when playing offline you won’t have access to Rewarded Video Ads and In App Purchases.

Can I really beat the game?

Yes, you really can save the World of the Three Lands!
We wanted to keep intact the pure feeling of accomplishment that only beating the game can bring!
We plan to implement new features and side quests in the future for always more fun!

Is there any age limit to play the game?

Yes. As set in our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy you have to be at least 13 to play Mana Balls.

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